In the name of cleanliness, SMC’s dustbin installations a futile exercise


    SRINAGAR: In an effort to upgrade the cleanliness and sanitation measures in the Srinagar city, Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) installs dustbins at various locations in the city to make the garbage segregation process easy which is believed to be a futile exercise.

    Pertinently besides SMC repairs and restores all the defunct street lights around Moulana Azad Road and Residency Road in the city, huge number of small size steel dustbins were installed at the distance of every 10 feet.

    It is being observed that in spite of installing few large size dustbins, the SMS installed unnecessary these small size dustbin in huge number, which not only cause inconvenience to the pedestrians but to shopkeepers and their customers as well.

    Many alleged that since last eight days these dustbins were installed, there is no one from the SMC to keep them clean, which turns this measure as nuisanceIt is worth to mention huge chunk of money have been utilized for the installation of dustbins in the name of cleanliness.

    Ironically most of the dustbins installed recently are without lids to cover them from stinking, especially after rains. “These dustbins are of no use. They should have installed few large size dustbins around the city to avoid inconvenience. What is fun of installing small dustbins at the every few meters distance? Is SMC having a manpower and mechanism to keep clean huge number of dustbins? They remain unattended, which is serving no purpose of cleanliness, but becomes a nuisance”, said a group of pedestrians.

    While expressing dismay over the installation of huge number of dustbins, few shopkeepers at M.A road said that SMC has overcrowded the path for pedestrians. Many believes that the intention of upgrading sanitation measures is mere an eyewash as it seems more an attempt to make money out of it. “This is a measure taken to benefit the company given the contact and officials of SMC who may be in nexus to make some sums”, said few passerby’s.

    Srinagerties demand that the Corporation should come up with the strategies to control the street dog menace adding that this unnecessary money spent on dustbins could have been utilized for prevailing dog menace.

    They said there is need of regular and routine cleaning of drains, roads and lanes in the city and proper dumping of the waste, while as the focus of SMC seems to spend huge sums from public exchequer on furthering the inconvenience of people.

    Pertinently SMC is already lacking proper waste segregation and scientific disposal of waste besides waste dumping management.