Article 370 was never linked to militancy in Kashmir: Omar Abdullah

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Srinagar: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah stated on Wednesday that the Article 370 had no connection to militancy in Kashmir. He argued that if Jammu and Kashmir’s special status had been the cause, the region would not be experiencing the current wave of terrorist attacks.

Speaking at a press conference at the National Conference headquarters, Omar addressed various issues, including the upcoming assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir. When asked whether the elections would be held on time, Omar referenced the Supreme Court’s directive to complete elections before September 30. He also noted assurances from the Prime Minister on Yoga Day in Srinagar and similar statements from the Home Minister. “The Election Commission is also preparing for the elections, so where is there any room for doubt?” he said.

Regarding the spike in terror attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, Omar pointed fingers at the BJP. “This question should be asked to the BJP, who claim that all militancy is connected with Article 370. After the removal of 370, they promised complete peace in Jammu and Kashmir. The current situation proves that they are careless and not paying attention to their work,” Omar said. He criticized the government for its lack of focus and accused superior officers of neglecting their duties, leading to the worsening security situation.

Omar emphasized that the increase in militant attacks is a result of government negligence. “You cannot deny that the situation is getting worse day by day. Who is to blame for this? When our government was in power, we were blamed for these issues. It is clear that the current administration is not playing its role in improving the situation,” he added. Omare urged those in senior positions, including at Raj Bhavan, to forgo their luxuries and concentrate on their responsibilities.

When questioned about demands for surgical strikes on Pakistan, Omar refrained from commenting, stating, “No such demand has been heard, and such decisions are not made by people like us. Although the government conducted surgical strikes, militancy has not ended in Jammu and Kashmir. Can you assure me that another strike will completely free Jammu and Kashmir from militancy?”

On whether the surge in terror attacks could disrupt the election process in Jammu and Kashmir, Omar expressed hope. “If the Prime Minister is not ready to bow down to these powers, then elections will be held on time. But if the Prime Minister and Home Minister waver and postpone the elections due to these attacks, it will be very bad for our country. If our central leadership wants to bow down to the powers that be, it will be their decision,” he said—(KNO)

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