BJP’s Vote Share Declines: PM Modi Forced to Lead Coalition Government for the First Time: Omar Abdullah

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New Delhi: In a historic shift, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to lead a coalition government for the first time in his political career. This development follows a significant decrease in the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) vote percentage in the recent elections, necessitating alliances to form a government.

Omar Abdullah, Vice President of the Jammu and Kashmir National Conference and former Chief Minister,commented on the situation on Monday. He noted, “This is the first time that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has to run a coalition government. He is forming the government for the third time, but for the first time he is running a coalition government. Till now, even when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he never had to form an alliance. Before this, when he was the Prime Minister of the country for 10 years, there was no alliance.”

Omar highlighted that in previous terms, the BJP operated without needing coalition partners, often disregarding them due to their lack of necessity. “Even in the previous regime, partners were disrespected because they were not needed. This is the first time that the Prime Minister has to run a coalition government,” he added.

Criticizing the BJP’s performance, Omar said, “This is not a big success for BJP. They cannot rule without partners. I am surprised that in the last five years of government, BJP has done everything which it had been promising for years. Be it Article 370 or Ram Mandir, but even after doing all this, people did not increase or decrease their seats. Those who were talking about crossing 400 could not even cross 300. Those who were talking about 370, their car could not even cross the 270 mark.”—(KNO)

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