Video : Mother loses baby in her womb at Sopore Hospital


Doctors posted at SDH Sopore running private clinics opposite to hospital premise

Victim seeks justice, demands action against erring doctors

In yet another alleged medical negligence in Sub District Hospital Sopore, a mother loses baby in her womb.

The incident triggers protest by family the members and relatives of a 28 year old woman from Ruhama Rafiabad area of Baramulla district. The family members of woman alleged that the hospital staff administered a pain killer after she complained of pain.

They alleged that the doctor on duty did not attend the patient properly and was treated for urine infection inspite of labour pain. The victim family demands strict action against the negligent doctor and medical staff risking human lives.

Sources told Kashmir Patriot, the doctors posted at SDH Sopore are running private clinics just opposite to the hospital premise that has affected the medical care in the hospital.

Sources also told Kashmir Patriot that the dedicated and honest doctors have been shifted from SDH Sopore to other hospitals to make ways for blue eyed private practicing doctors.

Pertinently this is not the first such case reported from SDH Sopore. Earlier two pregnant ladies died due to alleged negligence of hospital staff. In year 2017, the hospital was in news for long time for risking the lives of infants and pregnant women. However despite the then Government led by Mehbooba Mufti called for an enquiry into the alleged negligence cases, the accused doctors were shielded by the directorate of Health service.

Ironically, not a signal doctor was made answerable for neither negligence, nor a single victim family was ever given justice. In this state of affairs, the only way to seek justice for victims is to hit streets. The establishment of the state has to ensure that no mother loses her baby or no baby loses her mother by taking erring doctors to the task before it is too late.


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