Daughter of Sky! Captain Sami Ara

Captain Sami Ara

By: Mudasir Ahmad Gori

When you chose to drive, you have to accept traffic jams. When you choose to be health conscious, you have to forego being tongue conscious. With income will come income tax.

So I won’t go into biographical details of Capt. Sami Ara because from last one month people have being doing that. Therefore, I presume talking about determination would be better. Being born in such a conservative society and then challenging the stereotypical perception must have consumed a tremendous amount of self-confidence, courage and determination. We know it would have not been that easy given the nature of Kashmiri society.

Anything you choose in life comes along with its inherent positives and negative. What folly is to search for a rose without a bush! When you choose one side of the coin you have already chosen the other side of it. Don’t ask for trouble freebased life. There is no such life.

Bigger the ambition, greater will be issue, when you want to walk, the issue are few.When you choose to run a marathon, obviously there are more issues to deal with. When you chose to merely exist, you face lesser issues but when you chose to live a worthy life you are supposed to combat larger issues. By lifting one side of the stick you have already lifted the other end of the stick. Only if you are willing to be chiseled, you will become the ideal worthy of being worshiped. There is no easy way to top and those who made it to top didn’t make it easy.

After all there has to be a difference between a history reader and history maker.  Our maturity is always one leg below every new experience we encounter. The very purpose of life’s experience is to give us that maturity and Capt. Sami Ara has done that without any match.She is simply unmatchable. However, with every experience it isn’t just the bar of  our maturity that gets raised a little, even the bar of challenges we face also gets raised. Thus goes the upward growth spiral of life.

 It is immaterial how knowledgeable we are, or how much of life we have seen, or if we are the very best in what we do, even if we are an encyclopedia on life… a fall, a trip or  a slump is always around the corner.  Life always intrudes to disturb the flow and the rhythm. But remember on totem pole of growth, a failure in tenth grade is still higher than a pass in eighth grade. A just miss in an attempt to scale Mount Everest is still a leg higher than making it to the top of the hill. The higher the maturity the bigger the challenges. That’s how our lives mould us.

Life isn’t journey of going two steps forward and then one step backward. That happens only when we live without any awareness, without learning from experience. A person whose awareness coaches him/her to learn from every experience lives as though he/she is on a trampoline.

What is the reason for your success? “Good decisions”.  What enables you to take good decisions? “Life’s experience”. How do you earn experience? I am sure we all know the answer is “Bad decisions”.

The next time a setback hinders your progress, just remember life has sent a teacher, disguised as experience to help you to raise to the bar of your maturity. Let your awareness help you not only mature out of that experience,but also regain that centeredness. Get ready for a higher challenge. We mortals have to fall to rise…the blessing being that we always rise a little higher.Thank you Capt. Sami Ara for showing the world that you are the daughter of sky. Let the whole world get inspired by your adventures. 

Mudasir Ahmad Gori is Ph.D. Research Scholar at Department of English MANUU, Hyderabad. For feedback he can be reached atmudasirnzr87@gmail.com 

(The views expressed above are the author’s own. Kashmir Patriot is not responsible for the same.)



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