On vehicles and reckless driving thereof


By: Faizan Bashir

As we drawback to the ancient times, humans had to reach elsewhere by feet. A heap of items (loads) had to be put on to the shoulders of primitive humans for reaching them to the mentioned place.

Human morphological development seems to have happened that time when he tries to draw a cart for carrying goods to a specific place. Carts were nothing but a sort of vehicle drawn to the horse for carrying loads.

After sometime, the human tends to think a way forward. He no longer accepts the way horses were drawn to the wooden carriages. What comes after the invention of engines, cars, trains, buses etc.

The vehicles had become so great a thing to human that hardly an iota of loads was being carried by the shoulders; in fact, to reach the far-off areas these vehicles were being used which would save both the time and the energy.

Since the ages, we have been using the vehicles: be it for personal, commercial or some other- It is in use; alas, we have taken advantage of this but kills many of us every day, especially in the context of Kashmir, however.

Hence, the thing which was supposed to be convenient has turned to a killing machine. Who seems responsible? Definitely we!

This Monday morning could also have become a week of wail and blub for many families! Sigh!As I was travelling—being one of the passengers—from Srinagar to Baramulla in a Sumo, the driver did so horrible an acts that heart starts pounding fast: we had left hope to have a life away from a vehicle!

The reckless driver accelerated speed which was enough to become a reason for our death,others too. Tailgating, zipping in and out of lanes made an actual mess.

In fact, the driver who seems to be greedy to get more passengers was coercing the impatient passengers to adjust & give room to others (coming passengers)—that could turtle the vehicle. And, add to the other tragedy. Money is surely a part of us, not the whole. Who cares?

In this era and apart from carrying the loads, the vehicle was to serve us in time of need. But, it has become a nightmare to board a bus as the drivers, due to their ulterior motives, can go to any extent- it doesn’t matter if the people are moribund.

What matters is the ego of being the bravest reflects while driving. ‘The ego sooner fades,the chances of living a life intensifies’

Two wheedlers are no exception, and the issues pertaining to it is being cropped up every passing day. Yes, I am talking of ‘youth performing stunts and maneuvering through the crowd’. Each and everyone calls them by names “look at the lunatics set off to suicide.”

Every other day, they come up with different sort of stunts which are more lethal in nature than the erstwhile ones. ‘Just for the sake of pass admirable comments on social media, they put their life at stake…’

A few questions that I want to ask them and introspect thereof: what if the tire had skidded? What if the stunts had killed you\someone? Parents could are lamenting over the death of you or else one?

Do you dare to play an unseen a gamble which bets the precious lives once again? Should it be the way for you? Should you leave your parents in undying seclusion?


Carts were a sign of human morphological development; everyone uses it for convenience—thereupon comes vehicles which were astounding and more convenient than carts.

However,unfortunately, we are used to driving the vehicles in a reckless manner which ultimately engenders fierce accidents that often lights out our soul. What need of the hour is to priorities life. Once it departs, it won’t ever come back. Never.

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(The views expressed above are the author’s own. Kashmir Patriot is not responsible for the same.)


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