Interview : When i am being labeled as man of agencies, how can i survive? : Javid Beig


‘Even if i am left alone, i will continue my political struggle’ 

After breakup of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) coalition government amid political crises in the state of Jammu and Kashmir why some of the senior PDP members have become rebellions in the party, Kashmir Patriot talks to Javid Hassan Beig, Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Baramulla constituency in north Kashmir. Here are the excerpts from the exclusive conversation: 

KP: Why only after the government breakdown few members including you have turned rebellions in the party and talking about Family ‘Raj’?

JB:    I never used the word ‘family Raj’ neither have i do so.  The only differences we have with the party is due to people who were given responsibility to run the government but they have failed. And those who were given task to see party affairs have also failed to deliver in the party. Can anybody please tell me if we can’t raise our concerns at this time with the party high command, then are we expected to talk about these issues after next elections? We have time and again in the party even inside state assembly cautions PDP to revisit their policy of governance.

KP: People generally ask why after breakup of government only, you have raised issues and concerns?

JB: No, we have raised issues with the party president even earlier on several occasions. Hen Home minister was here in the state, a delegation of nearly 12 MLA’s met party president Mehbooba Mufti to express concerns and issues. But at that time nobody said that we are rebellions.

KP: Mahbooba claims to have support of all MLA’s in the party except few of you, if your demands are not fulfilled what will be your next step?

JB: You will come to know how many are there, when assembly gets dissolved. When new elections will be held, you will see how many MLA’s will stay among those who are there with Mehbooba Mufti at this time. I was expected to meet her in few days, but her statement of linking protesting MLA’s with agencies played spoil sport. The statement of Mahbooba Mufti saying there is agencies hand behind attempts to break PDP has endangered our life. You know thousands people were killed in Kashmir just because they were labeled as men of agencies. And when I am being labeled as man of agencies, how can I survive. If not today than when we will examine party affairs.

KP: Whom you are angry with, party or Mahbooba Mufti?

JB:  After Mufti sahib Mahboobaji is the leader and we are angry with her. She assigned party and governance affairs to those who are unable to deliver. This is our genuine concern. I have given my 20 years to this party which is not a joke. Even if i am left alone and will not remain a MLA, i will continue my political struggle.

KP: Don’t you think that the timing of publically revolting against party at the time when state is politically orphan is questionable?

JB: No. There is governor rule at this time in this state and Mahbooba has no responsibility. The only responsibility she has is to examine the party or to constitute a committee to look into these issues and resolve them. Now the ball is in her court. We believe that she should not issue such statements which disrespect an institution of MLA’s.

KP: You are ready for elections amid this political crises and crises within PDP, so how much it may affect you and the PDP?

JB:  A political worker is a like a soldier who fights on borders to protect his country without knowing if he returns alive or not. Similarly if you are in the politics, you are not contesting only to win elections or to become a MLA. It is like a struggle and we will struggle.

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