Video: 9th standard Kashmiri student invents hand held cooling fan


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Altaf Wani

SRINAGAR: A ninth standard student Abrar Hussain of Kashmir valley who hails from Durbal Bemina locality of Srinagar has invented an innovative hand held fan.

A student of Mehdi Public School Shariefabad, Hussain while talking to Kashmir Patriot about his invention said that lack of Air condition facilities in the class room motivates him to invent a hand held fan. He told that he wanted to invent an alternative to beat the heat.

Hussain said, “There used to be a scorch heat in the class room, which compels me to think of a solution and I did it by inventing a hand held cooling fan”.

A resident of Bemina, Younis Maqtar who knows Hussain said that Abrar also plays football and has won many trophies. “He is very innovative and intelligent. He plays tremendous football and has won many trophies. If he is guided well, he can become a good innovator in many fields”, Maqtar said.

Hussain added that the idea also struck him when he taught of people whom he saw cooling with different copies, book covers. Hussain has used a plastic bottle, Direct Current (DC) motor and power card to compile a hand held fan.

 Hussains mother, Hajra Banu told Kashmir Patriot that he dreams to be a scientist. She said but lack of significant support and limited resources restricts family to allow him to on uncertain efforts.

Hussain’s youger sister Saniya Zehara said that his brother is very innovative, but he is being insulted in family for his unusual acts.

The school administration admires him and considers him a valuable asset for school. “The boy is very talented. He is very dedicated to his studies and actively participating in games. If he is guided, he can make the Jammu and Kashmir proud in sports as well as in innovative fields”, said Yawer Ahmad, teacher of Hussain.

Hussain says that the lack of support from family makes him worrisome. He said he feels discouraged as he remains unnoticed so far.

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