Murfad’s killing at Abdullah’s residence: Four Pictures That Raise Questions

Picture of the Scene at Farooq Abdullah Residence when Man driving SUV was shot dead.

Was he a drug addict?

The theory being floated of Murfad being a drug addict is very hard to believe. He was a fitness freak who would go to gym twice a day, as could be seen from hundred of his pictures on his Facebook profile. However, according to sources, he was short-tempered.

Was the gate already open?

The gate stands tall and strong, almost impossible to be broke open by a monocoque car. The marks visible on Murfad’s car point towards a slight contact, at best. Had it broken the gate, the car’s front fascia would bear more damage than what it has, as shown in the picture.

Do Abdullah’s leave whole house open?

As per Police, Murfad was shot after a scuffle in the lobby of Abdullah’s when he was trying to sneak into their bedroom. It is very difficult to understand how an intruder got access to two former Chief Ministers’ lobby–the inner private area of their residence.

Why shot in the chest?

As per SOP, security personnel would shot at tires of Murafad’s vehicle when he drove his vehicle inside. Even then in the scuffle that ensued, as per police claim, the bullet was to be fire in the leg. Murfad was unarmed and alone, and could have easily been overpowered. Why shot him in the chest?