Kashmiri student invents ‘Traffic model’ to reduce road accidents

Patriot Correspondent

SRINAGAR: The rising number of road mishaps is growing concern in the state of Jammu and Kashmir; especially the deadly blind curves across mountainous roads gives tough time to commuters and passengers traveling all the way every day.

Keeping in the plight of people, a Kashmiri student hailing from north Kashmir’s frontier district of Kupwara has invented a ‘Traffic Model’ to reduce road accidents occurring at blind curves.
Akeel Ahmad Wani who has completed Civil Engineering from KIET Polytechnic College in Srinagar besides currently pursuing B.Tech from Chandighar College believes that if his model is approved and owned by the concern department or institution, this will help to minimize the road mishaps.


In this model, Wani has tried to explain that how a commuter or driver of a vehicle can be alerted about the other side while driving through blind roads to avoid mishap.
Wani told Kashmir Patriot that this model if implemented would be very useful for commuters during night hours as the automatic system of this model signals the driver about the movement of pedestrian or vehicle on the blind road.
“This model will prevent accidents on hilly and curvy roads. If this model is being taken seriously by the government department to utilize it for implementation, then I will work on another model that will reduce traffic jams”, he said.
Wani said that the idea struck his mind when few weeks ago a road mishap occurred at a blind cure in his area. Adding that latter he started work on it. “Few weeks ago, a road accident occurred at a curvy road in my area. After that I started to thing on an idea to prevent these accidents. Thankfully I was successful to complete it in six day”, Wani said.
When asked how it really works and what is the model consists of, Wani said that it will be completed digital system consists of two erected polls, Aluminum plates, digital lights connected through underground wires. He added the moment more than 10kg weight lay on the road, the lights will signal on the other side and vice versa.
“Be it a human, animal or a vehicle, the moment more than 10kg weight lay on the road where the ‘traffic model’ system is installed, the drive will get a signal like traffic lights. This will surely help drivers driving through curvy and blind roads and accidents could be prevented to save precious lives”, he said.
It is pertinent to mention that if Wani’s model proves useful, then this invention will help to reduce road accidents not only in Valley but in the other parts of country.
Worth to mention, according to the official figures revealed to Kashmir Patriot, alone in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, 5500 roads accidents occurred in 2016 followed by 5167 in 2017. This indicates that there is no significant decrease in road accidents in the state.