Lack of Public Transport in Village Wakura of Central Kashmir Ganderbal


SRINAGAR: The lack of public transport in Wakura is a matter of grave concern, the serious  matter has been  several times brought into the notice of high ups in the district.

According to ground reports ,  The lack of Buses or mini bus services is forcing people to board sumos and is unaffordable for them. School going children’s can’t afford to board on Sumos. From Wakura or Dab to Ganderbal district headquarter sumo is taking RS 30 per passenger, even difficult for government official to pay.

The students of the said vicinity are routinely waiting to board a bus for long hours every day to return home from Ganderbal City and vice versa. Masses of area state that their story is heard by all, but no one took pain sticking efforts to redress our genuine grievance on Social interest.

The big slogans of development, empowerment, connectivity and education of governmental agencies seem hallow in keeping view people rue lack of even basic facilities of life in Kashmir. People have several times brought the said issue into the notice of Assistant Regional Transport Officer (ARTO) Ganderbal, but nothing happened on ground. The completion of Shadipora Bridge, connecting two districts Bandipora and Ganderbal, put down all those hopes in the minds of the people to get smooth transport system across both sides.

The bridge due to lack of public transport has become not more than a big joke, enough to understand the effective strategy of district administration to dealt with. Wakura is the major Village in district Ganderbal and is located at a distance of 20 Km from Srinagar. It is next to Dab village which is located along the river Jhelum at Shadipora, positioned in rural part of Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir. The Villages having acute shortage of public transport are Wakura, Dab , Rabitar, Kurag, Khanpora, Batpora, Shalhar, Athakura ,and Narayanbagh.

The students are on daily basis facing tough times to attend tuition class in Ganderbal, later long hours to wait every day to return home.

A local, while talking to KNB stated -” It is unfortunate that the students keep on hanging on the backside of the buses, threat for accidents in the district. Overloaded vehicles playing from Wakura are posing threat to the lives of people, even sumo carry passengers on rooftops due to lack of smooth public transport. Now enough is enough, we politely request all in charge officials to take adequate and urgent measures without further delay in the said vicinity to make public transport available. Otherwise we are well aware about our rights and know how to fight for it.” (KNB)