Electric Eight Of Vaidyaa Gives Birth To New Age Medical Revolution

by : Srija Mukherjee

Vaidyaa Services and Solutions Pvt Ltd is a new age healthcare start up based out of East India (Headquarters in Kolkata) and is a space that is re-defining the world of modern medicine. Started in June 2015, right now the team of 8, is in the process of developing a platform called Hospitaliz. It is to be launched in the first week of March 2018, on Android, along with a website.

Talking more about the platform, it is important to know that Hospitaliz (www.hospitaliz.com) is hospital information & a review platform that will help patients to give feedbacks on their medical treatment experiences, and help others make their educated choices when it comes to treatment options. It also provides a huge repository of blood banks and diagnostic centres worldwide.
From the hospital point of view it encourages accountability, service recognition & continuous improvement in private hospitals worldwide.The platform provides information for 526 hospitals and their branches across India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand and UAE in Phase 1, with a total of 26 countries to be covered in the course of the year.
A brainchild of Raja Joy Phookan (Ceo) and Nandini Basu Phookan (Managing Director) a couple from Assam and Bengal respectively, Vaidyaa was an invention of few likeminded people and their personal motivation. A personal motivation to give back to the society the most approachable form of modern day healthcare.
Nandini is an entrepreneur and also the co-founder of Vaidyaa. Vaidyaa Services & Solutions single mindedly, focuses on important aspects of the modern day healthcare, such as providing doctor consultations at home, online consultations with specialists, and international patient facilitation at a national & international level.
Whereas Raja Joy Phookan is the CEO of the healthcare company & also a lawyer with an elaborate and rich 14 years of experience in the industry of law & judiciary.
Nandini states, “Our mission is to ensure everyone makes an informed choice when it comes to quality healthcare.”
Gushing about the company’s secret success sauce the managing director states with pride, “Vaidyaa has women holding the reins of daily business. This is our biggest strength. Patients have praised our engagement levels as well as our sincerity in helping them. People who travel from other countries find our services special and with a personal touch, as opposed to an automated software supported system.”
She also has an extensive experience in talent acquisition for some of the most well knownglobal brands in the corporate world. Her recent most experience is with TechAxisInc, a Delaware based talent search firm focused on companies in technology sector with emphasis on finding the right full-time profiles for (VP, Director, Sr. Director), Sales (hunters & farmers), Architecture, Consulting, Engagement Management, Digital Transformation and Business Development. Under her leadership the international recruitment delivery centre has witnessed exponential growth in the past 5 years till now.
Prior to this, on International Women’s Day on 8th March 2008, she has won the Standard Chartered Bank Woman of the year Award from among 8000 women employees at the bank, in acknowledgement of her contribution to her role at the bank, as well as the ability to maintain a work life balance as a mother, a wife and daughter.
And exactly 10 years later, again on the International Woman’s Day,Nandiniis invited to the 2018 Women’s Economic Forum at the Hague for being awarded for the uniqueness of the service that her company provides. Also, she is the only Indian from the healthcare background to have received this huge honour.
Names Of VaidyaaServices & Solutions Team Members
Names Of VaidyaaServices & Solutions Team Members
Managing Director (Nandini Basu Phookan),Ceo(Raja Joy Phookan), Head Of Operations (Mrs. Trishna Mukherjee), Operation Executive (Mrs. Payel Das Mondal), Head Of Alliances (Mrs. Sibani Deb), Head Of Design (RitwickGohain), Senior Research Analyst (Consita Martinez Baruah), Senior Administrative Executive (Mrs. JinaBorthakur)
Srija Mukherjee is Kolkata based Health Columnist/Journalist. She can be reached at : [email protected]