Shopian killings: Geelani rejects forces claim, blames state admin, forces


SRINAGAR : Calling the killing of civilians in Shopian as unfortunate, Chairman of Hurriyat Conference, Syed Ali Geelani blamed the state administration, police and other government forces for these brutal killings.

In his telephonic address to mourners, paying tributes to slain youth in Shopian shootout, Geelani said that those who lay their lives for a sacred cause, are alive with their Lord and receive sustenance from Him.’’

Geelani rejected the forces claim and added that the slain youth killed in cold-blooded murder were civilian and students and branding them as OWG’s activists is a brazen lie to justify genocide in state.

 Paying rich tributes to  youth including   Shahnawaz Ahmad Wagey ,Zahid Ahmad Chopan, Suhail Ahmad Wagey ,Shahid Ahmad Khan ,Shahnawaz Wagey and Manzoor Ahmad Lone ,Geelani said that these brave hearts are facing a big power and lay their lives to end the age-old slavery of their nation, putting a huge responsibility on our shoulders to honor these sacrifices and take the movement to its logical end,” Geelani said in a statement.

 While justifying the people’s resentment against forces, Geelani said that repression and oppression have not made any difference. People’s sentiments boil over when there are killings and they come out on the streets, saying India can never kill the sentiment that has always prevailed among the people.

Geelani while addressing to mourners, said that “Indian forces have left their brutal footprints. We continue to bleed for the last 7 decades, saying that hollow and tall claims of restraint by Indian forces were aimed at befooling the common people and repeated horrific incidents testified our claim that they are trigger happy and want to kill every soul in the state.”

Rejecting the statement of police, Geelani said, “they are acting as more loyal than king and always shield these killers.” “The government forces under well thought out plan are carrying out bloodshed in Kashmir, added Geelani.”

Kashmir issue is the outcome of broken promises, said Geelani, and added that “the Kashmir issue is the unfinished agenda of the Partition plan,” saying “it was India and not Pakistan that took the Kashmir case to the United Nations.

Indian authorities are now desperate to the change narrative of the Kashmir issue, said Geelani and added dialogue only option to resolve Kashmir issue, saying war is no option.

“We are not against the dialogue process, but we favour only meaningful and result-oriented negotiations. We have a clear agenda that the issue can be resolved through dialogue and our viewpoint is unambiguous, said Geelani while addressing to mourners.’’

Till now more than hundred rounds of dialogues were conducted but of no avail as India is not showing its interest nor is sincere for resolving the issue, said Geelani and added until India accepts the disputed status of Kashmir, no breakthrough is possible.

 He said the onus lies with India to “illustrate its seriousness and sincerity” to resolve the issue. Geelani said a conducive atmosphere for negotiations is of “prime necessity” and for this India has to declare the Kashmir issue as disputed, he said in a statement.

 In his telephonic address to mourners, lashing at pro-Indian political parties, Geelani said that they all are hand in glove with these killers and stressed people to boycott all elections and these organizations and asked to stay away from these and safeguard sacrifices presented by our youth. “Now it is people’s turn, particularly youth, to unite and foil conspiracies of India and its henchmen against freedom movement,” he said, saying “a few people, who vote in the election dramas for material interests, were not only committing an act of treason but their actions also act as oxygen for India’s forced control of Kashmir. Those elected to power corridors act as stooges and are hand in glow for these oppressors.”