Residents of old city alleges SMC limited segregation of waste to posh areas


Wahid Bhat 

SRINAGAR: Residents of old city in Srinagar allege that the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has limited   segregation of waste to posh areas and civil lines.

They said that the corporation has left out most of the areas in the old city. “Solid waste is not just dumped at the land filling site, but one can find it everywhere. The government needs to address the solid waste issue, otherwise it will start stinking and no tourist will visit here,” said a resident of Srinagar, Farooq Ahmad.

Ironically Srinagar was recently ranked among the dirtiest cities in India. Residents said that the heaps of waste lying at the site have become a danger when water dissolves toxic waste materials and contaminates it. They said that the waste needs to be scientifically treated.

“It is an irony that SMC has always maintained cleanness and hygiene in posh areas and has neglected the core city where waste that should have been scientifically disposed of on priority basics,” said Farooq Ahmad, resident of Rajbagh.

They said that the heaps of garbage cause diseases, and have become breeding grounds for dogs.

Residents said that the segregation is carried out in few areas of Srinagar. “The purpose (of segregation) will not be achieved as areas like downtowns are crowded and garbage is produced in large quantities. The plan should have been initiated in downtown first,” said Fayaz Ahmad, a resident of Jawahar Nagar.

While talking to PTK, Secretary Hilal Ahmad Deewan Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) said that they don’t have any information adding that this is the problem in Srinagar city that all the wastage is thrown on the roads. “This is the serious issue and we are dealing with it”, he added.

He added that all hotels and restaurants have been directed to segregate biodegradable waste and set up a system of collection, but ironically many hotels and houseboat owners dump waste directly into the water bodies. (PTK)