Infant died due to medical negligence in JVC Hospital, Family stages protest


SRINAGAR:  A   two month old baby has died few days before in another shocking alleged medical negligence in government run JVC hospital in Srinagar.

The family members of the deceased baby Junaid Mushtaq from Shahgund area of district Baramulla who stages a protest at press enclave alleged that the baby was administered injection which results into his death.

They said that the infant was suffering from a respiratory problem and was admitted in the hospital on February 2, and died on Feb 15, due to the medical negligence by doctors.

“Junaid showed some positive signs of recovery and the doctors were planning to discharge him, but he was given an injection at around 11:50 and then he died at 2: am on the same night,” alleges Asif Parray, a relative of an infant.

“Even after asking the cause of the death of an infant time and again hospital authorities hardly bothered to our pleas,” Parry added.

The Family of infant blames hospital management for his death. They said that the injection administered was not tested to ascertain if it is safe. Pertinently the injection administered was a new supply provided for the hospital, they said.

They alleged that the hospital staff blindly uses new stock of medicine without waiting for the lab testing report. Protesters also said that four other infants were also administered the same medicines due to which they fell unconscious immediately resulting in deteriorating health condition.

Family members of deceased baby demands stern action against the hospital management and doctors involved in the medical negligence.

When contacted Medical Superintendent JVC, Dr Shafa Deva refutes to talk over the incident. However she quickly adds that the medicine used in the hospital is duly tested adding that investigation is going on into the infant’s death.

Ironically there is no break on the continuous medical negligence in government hospitals, risking human lives. The higher authorities in the government medical institutes and the hospitals are unmoved to improve the state of health care and accountability.