Residents of Prang Ganderbal up arms against bad road conditions


Wahid Bhat 

SRINAGAR : Residents and commuters are up arms against bad condition of roads in Prang area of Ganderbal.

They said that the area is victim of official apathy and indifference adding that despite being an important road national highway, Prang to Prang road has been neglected in the process of development of roads in the district.

They said that the road stretch remains dotted with potholes resulting in immense inconvenience to the populace and commuters.  They told PTK that the road connects several villages in the area and due to the bad condition of the road, students and employees of the area in particular face immense hardships during their daily travel.

“From time to time, we have been assured by the politicians about the improvements of the said road, but nothing has done on ground,” said a local resident. “It gets very difficult for us to reach on time to school,” said Arif, a student.

They also complained of absence of proper drainage system that compounds the problems for commuters in the area. “The problem is manifold. Things get worse during rainy season that makes roads accident prone,” said Fayaz Ahmad Bhat, a resident of Prang.

“We have time and again apprised the authorities about the condition of these roads but our appeals have fallen to deaf ears,” he added. Residents demand immediate repairing of the road besides they appealed BECON Ganderbal to intervene into the issue and redress the grievance. (PTK)