Ten years passed, residents of Jaffarpatti, Hapatnar in Pahalgam without transformer


SRINAGAR: From last ten years residents of Jaffarpatti, Hapatnar Pahalgam demanding electric transformer, but nothing at the avail.

They said that the majority of population belongs to ST Gujjars and the monthly electricity bill is RS 543 which is injustice people. They added that before 8 years when there was government of NC and Rafi Mir was the MLA of the constituency Pahalgam, he assured that new transformer will be installed within the period of two months.

They added that after completing 6 years as MLA nothing was done. They said now PDP MLA Altaf Kuloo assured that new transformer will be installed but since four years has passes, no transformer has been provided.

People appeal Chief Minster to look into the matter on priority basic as soon as possible.