Education minister was wrongly quoted: PRO


‘Involving teachers in other tasks would be injustice with students’

SRINAGAR :  While refuting the news reports in which Education Minister Altaf Bukhari  has been quoted saying that  “No teacher will be spared for taking part in election process henceforth” , Minister’s PRO Syed Basharat said that minister has said teachers would be only committed to teaching rather than any other tasks.

He said the minister said “it is an irony that be it any census, mid-day meal arrangements, construction of school buildings, teachers are being used for the task”.

He told PTK that minister has been misquoted adding that his intention was wrongly interpreted by the section of media.  He said now if there are elections why teachers would be used for the purpose other than teaching.

He had said that due to excess load on teachers in the form of BLO’s, Mid-day meal or their involvement in construction purposes, they (Teachers) fail to deliver at schools.

He said due to recent unrest in state, the schools and the colleges were badly affected adding that involving teachers in other tasks would be injustice with the students.