With sculptures of resistance and joy Kashmiris turns Snow Artists


SRINAGAR: There is no doubt in that Kashmiries are quite talented when it come to creativity.  There was an enormous happiness on Friday this month when after a Long dry spell, snow covered valley with a white blanket.

The social networking especially facebook and twitter was flooded with wishes, selfies. Meanwhile amid joy of snowfall and agony of recent uprising which lead to the innocent killings, people turn to be snow artists to express themselves.

The making of snowman at home is an old practice, but it was observed inspired by ‘Snow Fiesta’ 2014, a snow sculpture event organized by E-Planner event management in collaboration with Jammu and Kashmir Tourism and Callisto art group, people turn more creative year by year while dealing with snow.

Worth to mention it was for the first time in Valley, even in Asia when a group of professional artists created snow sculptures in 2104, which gains lot of national and international attention.

In a recognition to the creativity and art shown by the people by making sculptures with snow to bring joy and send a message, Kashmir Patriot bring together them all uploaded on different social sites.