Changing Political Scenario in Kashmir


The changing political atmosphere in the Kashmir have created ample unsolved questions in the minds of the common masses. We have to find out its answers and have to be proved that it is only people who are the sole state makers and representatives.

The latest speech of Ex Chief Minister and party president of National Conference Dr Farooq Abdullah in favour of Hurriyat can never befool people nor can bring results of it’s hidden political agenda. Historically people have witnessed and seen the changing colours of National Conference N.C, and People’s Democratic Party P.D.P with only an aim to gain and retain the axis of political power.

At contemporary , especially Youth and Islamic Clerics have a massive responsibility to expose and fail all the tactics of these political parties in the valley. How long we will be befolled in the name of healing touch,revocation of AFSPA,Autonomy,opening of Roads,peaceful talks with Pakistan over Kashmir etc ? We must understand it clear that in Kashmir- Politics no one can enter in political process without selling his soul to the devil.

India having Bi- Party system deliberately and systematically arranged in such a way arranged that whether in Kashmir National conference NC , people’s Democratic Party (PDP) or others win the election but have to form a government either with the Congress or with the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) depicts the dual party system existing at the center as well as in the state.

Both central parties have time by time always add great quantity of fuel to the existing issue and resulted In Kashmir unrest , not serious enough to find a holistic way and strategy as per aspirations of the Kashmiries in getting the long pending issue of Kashmir redressed for all the times to come. Terrorism , Violence and other oppressive means can never buy any result but will make the issue more complicated and hectic.

At last we have to understand that exploiter’s can never be the saviour of Kashmir and it’s people ; it is We which have collectively find a way out in coming out from this blood bath and turmoil , so that peace and Justice will be delivered on ground.

Syed Karar Hashmi is studying at Jamia Al Mustafa (S.a.w) International University Qom Iran. 

(This is a personal blog and the views expressed above are the author’s own. Kashmir Patriot neither endorses nor is responsible for the same.)