Geelani not allowed to offer Friday Prayers; terms it autocratic

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SRINAGAR: All parties Hurriyat Conference has strongly condemned the autocratic and egoistic behavior of rulers and its authorities, not to allow chairman Syed Ali Geelani to offer Friday prayers for the last so many years.

Hurriyat said that Delhi groomed politicians are so obedient to their dictates that they, after mortgaging their souls, forget to believe their own eyes and ears. Hurriyat said that portraying, opening of schools, market rush, and dense transport on roads, as their magic of good governance and bold steps may appease their masters but ground realities and hard facts can never be crusted by such deceit and deception.

Hurriyat said that ruler’s confession of brutality and extra force used to curb the peaceful protests, is actually affirmation of their defeat which they have been doing as the turncoats of iron fist of India for the last so many decades.

Hurriyat said that debarring, a Muslim and a beloved leader of suppressed masses, is the outcome of the fascist mindset, which legalizes and justifies such mean actions. They said that locking down of Grand mosques and other religious places for months together speaks volumes of the practical measures being taken to implement the agenda of Hindu Rashtra, for which collation has come into existence.

They further said that our every sphere of life is eroded by the “pious hands’’ of none other than so-called green clad Muslims. They changed the demography, throttling our educational system curtailing our individual and collective religious activities, is nothing but a planned and well nit agenda to peel the conscious mind off their traces of will and zest of freedom so that they become easy prey for them to absorb and assimilate.

Hurriyat once again clarified stand that Islam can neither be subjugated nor can it teach its followers the rules of subjugation and that is the reason for peace and tranquility by Islam can never be achieved under the foreign and alien rule and any struggle to get rid of forceful occupation is in line with the Islamic countries.

They further said that these undemocratic and unethical curtailments and curbs have never succeed in caging the reverberations of azadi in past and can never do so in future as well, Meanwhile Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference has condoled the demise of a young journalist Arshad Malik of Kashmir Life. In his message he has prayed for the departed soul and sympathized with the bereaved family.

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