Nuclear Pact: Anti-US, anti Israel protest in Budgam

Nuclear Pact: Anti-US, anti Israel protest in Budgam


Budgam: The withdrawal of America from Iran nuclear pact sparked protest in Central Kashmir’s Budgam district on Friday where hundreds of people marched in the town and raised anti-Israel and anti-US slogans.

    The protest was organized by Anjuman Shari Shain and was led by Aga Syed Yousuf Almosvi. President Anjuman Shari Shain Aga Syed Hasan Almosvi Alsafvi was placed under house arrest.

   Aga Syed Yousuf said that US President Donald Trump is not fit for his job. “Trump does not have the mental capacity to deal with issues. Trump’s abandoning of the nuclear deal was a diplomatic show while Iran has no obligation to honour its commitments under the current situation. It is a threat to peace and security,” he said.

The protesters chanted “Death to America”, and “Death to Israel”.

   Meanwhile, Aga Syed Hasan said that Army chief’s remarks are threatening and it shows how India is eager to muzzle and suppress the sentiments of people of Kashmir. He said General Rawat wants Kashmiris to surrender before Indian might without even realizing that many generals before him failed to achieve this. (CNS)

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