Even if they were OGW’s army has no right to kill people without arms: Tarigami


Wahid Bhat 

SRINAGAR: Expressing serious concern over civilian killings in South Kashmir’s Shopian, the CPI (M) Secretary and MLA Kulgam M Y Tarigami strongly condemned the firing incident at Gonowpowa Shopian and described the incident as highly condemnable, painful.

While talking to Press Trust of Kashmir, Tarigami termed the firing on youth as very unfortunate. He said that he is deeply shocked and grieved at the continued and unabated bloodshed in Kashmir.

Tarigami, asked the government how long will the blood of civilians continue to flow in Kashmir. “I have no words to condemn these killings, as a mere condemnation every time a civilian is killed isn’t enough.

He added that we want to ask the state government that how long the civilian killings will continue in Kashmir? Ordering a probe after every such killing is not a solution to the problem as people have lost the faith in such probes. The law enforcing agencies are refusing to draw lessons from previous such experiences. The indifferent and callous attitude of those in power in Delhi and Srinagar is only inflaming the already worsening situation further,” he said.

He added that he want to ask a question to army why they kill these innocent people and if they are OGW still they don’t have any right to kill people without arms.

He said that if a militant is without armies they don’t have any right to kill they can catch him not to kill then how they kill these unarmed locals.

He further told PTK that the Shopian killings cannot be justified with an arbitrary, unproven pronouncement of the youth being OGWs. The circumstances and details should be probed and made public by the State Govt, he said.

He added that state and central govt can’t feel pain of people. He said that Mehbooba Mufti always said about peace if this is peace then what we can say we don’t have words.  We do not want to vitiate the atmosphere but this government is itself responsible for disturbing peace by unabated civilian killings he added.

He said that state Government and especially the Chief Minister to come clean on the assurances of swift and visible action in the Shopian killings they must answer.

He added that government failure to acknowledge the problem in Kashmir. State Government has failed on all fronts particularly security protection of life and property of general public.

He added that to targeting civilians cannot be approved in the civilized world,” he added that on one hand, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti says she is against the bloodshed, but on the other killings are taking place under her nose. (PTK)