Official Apathy: Hospitals, PHC’s in Ganderbal face lack of staff, infrastructure for patient care


SRINAGAR:  The hospitals, PHC’s in Ganderbal district are facing shortage of staff including doctors and lack of infrastructure to treat the patients rendering patients to face the brunt of official apathy .

Official sources said that due to the lack of infrastructure, referrals to the hospitals in Srinagar city have increased. “The delay in reaching the hospitals has proved fatal many times with many people reported being brought dead to the hospitals in Srinagar”, they said.

Source said that Primary health center Kullan (PHC)  lacks many basic facilities due to the official apathy, there is no lady doctor in this health centre which caters to the needs of around thousands of people.

There is a shortage of Gynecologists,X-ray technision,Staff nurses and other Para medical staff. Sources said that the Primary health center  Gund (PHC)  is also confronting the same fate  Though the Hospital harbours machinery worth lacks, but of no use, because here is no one to operate them, residents lamented.

Shortage of paramedical staff causes great inconvenience to the patients, they added. There is no Orthopedics, Anesthetist, Pediatrician, Ophthalmology and Surgeon specialist, they said.

 Sources, added that after spending lacks of rupees for the establishment of an Operation Theatre in PHC Gund by the govt not a single operator (technician) is deployed here to operate the machinery of the Operation Theatre.

“The machinery is yet to be used from the day they were bought. There is no availability of surgeon also. The electricity is also playing hide and seek in PHC Gund which is also a grave situation. Either the patients have to wait for hours or they have to visit other hospitals or private clinics for the basic tests like ECG and X-Ray”, said locals.

Sources added that the PHC witnesses at least 200-300 patients in its Outpatient department (OPD) on an average day.

Similarly, the hospital is without the Computerized Tomography (CT) scan forcing the doctors to refer the stroke and trauma patients to Srinagar. “There is no MRI facility, Digital X ray, blood bank in the hospitals even,” said the attendants.

Pertinently, the Trauma Hospital Kangan is also confronting the same fate. Although there are manifold machinery, but without the operators (technician) who can handle the machinery causing great inconvenience to the patients, reliable source said.

Despite of harbouring the large and well equipped instruments and machinery we are forced to visit other hospitals either in Srinagar or Ganderbal, he said.

According to the sources, that number of posts is vacant in Trauma Hospital Kangan which include driver, dhobi and staff nurses. We many a times informed the concerned deptt about the vacancies, but all in vain, said the hospital sources. (PTK)