Video of minor being forced to smoke cigarette goes viral 


SRINAGAR: The disturbing video of a minor boy somewhere in Kashmir valley being forced to smoke a cigarette has gone viral on social media.

In a video, a man is seen lighting the cigarette and the four-year-old boy on his lap takes puffs. In the video a little boy is smoking cigarette which shows a clear massage where the society is heading.

At least three- four men are seen in the 46-second video. However is video a man also shows him how to smoke the cigarette and then a little child smokes again.  In the video a man shows him how to smoke and he also smoke in that video after that a little child smokes in the video.

Viral video has already cross 33k views and 756 share on Facebook with facebook users expressing their angry over the act.

One of the users on facebook Sanah Jan writes that FIR should be lodged against him adding that it is dangerous for our future. He further added that Govt should look into the matter and put such type of people behind bars.

Another Facebook user Altaf Rehman writes that these persons behind this act should put behind bars. (PTK)