Private schools, coaching centres have become vampires: NC


SRINAGAR : Opposition National Conference today in the Lower House said that the private schools and coaching centres have become vampires and suck blood of parents under the garb of imparting education to children.

Speaking on the grants for education department, MLA Budgam Aga Ruhullah said the government should put a check on increasing monopoly of private schools who are fleecing parents by overcharging fee under different heads.

“They have become vampires and suck blood of parents,” he told the House. He said the private education sector had come with a mission of providing education but has commercialized the institutions.

He said the menace of private coaching centres was witnessing mushrooming growth in the state which needed to be controlled by the government. “The basic concept of coaching has died. The enrollment in coaching centres is more than the classroom in schools,” NC MLA said, adding that the owners of coaching centres are only minting money from students rather than providing education, “which was the basic concept of coaching.”

Meanwhile CPI (M) leader and MLA Kulgam M.Y Tarigami said that the educational system in the state has become centres of politics affecting the state adversely and government needs to evaluate them. He said that the divisions in the state have been a by-product of the education system of the state and only education curriculum can cure the menace. Tarigami said, “We are divided on regional and religious lines due to our education system”. (PTK)