Locals urge improvement in working of Delina hospital

Locals urge improvement in working of Delina hospital


SRINAGAR: Delina, an important place in North Kashmir and very close to center of Baramulla District has a government hospital with more than 12 beds, which locals allege is not functioning as per their expectations.

The locals state that the Doctors are not available on time and hospital has been provided insufficient number of Doctors and those available are NRHM.

Locals told, “The Delina Hospital catering to needs of thousands of people has not come up to our expectation, we have just one doctor available that too from NRHM, we demand increase in number of Doctors. The other difficulty is that at night time no doctor is available and this adds to our woes especially when there is emergency .The hospital has just become a referral hospital referring patients to Baramulla District Hospital. We demand from the state government and health authorities to improve overall working of the hospital.”

As a matter of fact, the Netizens from the area have also took to the social media networks to improve the overall working of the hospital.

At a time when the government is making big claims that it is on path to revitalize the rural health sector locals of Delina are complaining that ignoring an important area like Delina vis-à-vis healthcare is cause of concern. (KNB)

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