Withdraw authoritarian notification baring employees to use social media : Tarigami


JAMMU: CPI(M) leader Mohammad yousf Tarigami said that the order issued by the state government imposing extensive restrictions on the use of social media by it’s employees, exposes the dictatorial and regressive mindset of the coalition BJP-PDP government.

He said that at a time when the government is claiming remarkable success in bringing the state, back on the tracks of normalcy; restricting the use of social media, not only belies its tall claims, it has  also the negative potential to further alienate a substantial proportion of the masses.

“Going by its own claim of improvement in the situation, the govt. should have initiated the process of withdrawing draconian laws like AFSPA, PSA etc already in place. Unfortunately it chose to curtail the freedom of expression of it’s nearly half a million employees”, he said.

Tarigami added that the measure is highly undemocratic and arbitrary. In a democracy, the employees are not serfs and should not be required to ask for guidelines as to what and how they want to express themselves even on the social networking.

He said, “The govt. order under reference has many vague and inexplicable terms like “prejudicial to the govt.”Such terms could be interpreted to the disadvantage of the employees and empower the govt. to silence them”.

Tarigami said that the government must reconsider its decision and withdraw this authoritarian measure in order to avoid unrest in the ranks of its employees.