Since 1947 these visits has yield no results: Hakim Yasin on interlocutor


SRINAGAR: Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) president Hakim Mohammad Yasin while commenting on the interlocutors Dineshwar Sharam’s visit to valley today said that since 1947 these visits has yield no results.

He told PTK that the centers representatives never talk to the genuine stake holders.  “The main issue is the resolution of Kashmir. The only solution to all problems is the resolution of Kashmir dispute”, he said.

He said that any solution should be as per the aspirations of Kashmiries. He added that any further delay in the resolution could lead to disastrous consequences. “Central and State governments must take steps so that conducive atmosphere is created for talks”, Yasin said.

He said that the history is witness that no issue in the world has been settled through wars. Adding that war only brings destruction. “India and Pakistan have fought three wars and after every war, they had to come on the negotiation table. Confrontation and hostility between New Delhi and Islamabad have not yielded favorable results for either country in the past”, he said.

He appealed leadership of both the countries to shun the violence and come on negotiation table for the settlement of Kashmir issue. He further added that if Sharma came to Kashmir for talks, he should talk about issue none other than Kashmir problem.

He further added that that he must talk to Hurriyat.  (PTK)