Curb on Social media: Will revolt against govt order, says Qayoom Wani


SRINAGAR: Chairman Employees Joint Action Committee (EJAC) Abdul Qayoom Wani today said that yesterday’s order issued by the state government imposing extensive restrictions on the use of social media on its employees exposes the dictatorial and regressive mindset of the present government.

He told PTK that imposing restriction on use of social media is against the fundamental right of the employees. He added that according to constitution everyone have right to use internet in which there is no discrimination adding every person have right to use internet be a government employees or anyone else.

He added, ‘We will start revolt against this govt order. This order is not legitimate”. He added that if a government employees misuse the internet, government should take action according to law. He said they can’t impose restriction over right to freedom of speech and expression. He added that government control over the speech of employees is against the law. He appealed Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to revoke this order. (PTK)