Media institutions in Kashmir failing to produce quality 

SRINAGAR: The first thing that comes in mind when any talk related to the Kashmir takes place is the field of journalism as due to turmoil like circumstances Kashmir is full of news and happenings always.
Despite the highest academic seat of Kashmir the Kashmir University and its media department making lofty claims of producing excellence the results on ground zero are virtually nothing. Even the other media institutes are failing to produce desired results and polish the talent.
Resultantly many media education pass outs rather than keeping Journalism as their first career choice are opting for other fields.
An expert voice stated that names of successful journalists are very few and far in Kashmir. Many old names are in field since decades and the new ones are hardly making any impact .What are our media institutions teaching remains a cause of concern and it is high time we sort out the issues hurting our education system with reference to media and public relations .New breed of writers lack diversity and many of them are not able to stick in quality institutes for long.
With weather situation making the lead news of prominent daily newspapers often suggests that rot is deep and new generation of Journalism is not able to shine to the required expectations.
Bilal Bashir Bhat, a Kashmir based journalist while talking to Kashmir News Bureau said the journalism in Kashmir needs overhauling, he said the content of almost all newspapers is same only the title of the newspapers is different, the lacking of investigative journalism in Kashmir based dailies can be pointed out easily. He said some dailies are turned in advertisement pamphlets, besides utilizing money to strengthen the quality of content most of the editors have appointed two to three operators to manage the whole newspaper which also is a discouraging for the pass out media students to get exposure in practical media. (KNB)