Twelve years on, GDC Mendhar lacks hostel facility


 SRINAGAR :Established in the year 2005, the Government Degree College (GDC) Mendhar which is situated near the Line of Control (LOC) lacks hostel facility even after twelve years owing to which students are facing hardships.

 Expressing their plights, the students of GDC Mendhar said that the college is situated near the LOC and during the cross border firing and shelling they face lot of problems in reaching college. They further said that “had been there a hostel facility provided by the higher education department to this college which is one of the oldest colleges in the district, we would not have been suffering”.

 Uzma, a student of the same college said that sometimes they could not reach to the college for days together when border skirmishes for days.

 Another student Firdous said that they mostly they miss their studies as several lessons remain unattended due to border firing. She expressed tha hostel facilities to this college could students upto a great extent as students will be able to attend their all classes and lectures.

 Worthy to mention here that GDC Mendhar have a good strength of students reaching college from various areas and in a joint appeal all the students have urged the Higher Education Minister to provide Hostel facilities to this age old college. (PTK)