Issuing 1-stop I-card will be intrusion into private lives of Kashmiris: DeM


‘People must unite to fail yet another Indian conspiracy

SRINAGAR: Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Saturday said that Indian government’s plan to issue 1-stop I-card to kashmiris is yet another conspiracy to breach the privacy and intrude into the personal lives of people of Kashmir.

Reportedly, the Indian government has planned to issue these cards to the people of Kashmir to “increase surveillance and keep a check on militancy-related” activities in Kashmir.

“This is yet another ugly Indian tactic against the people of Kashmir. India has issued Aadhar cards which contains all the details of an individual then why is this new 1-stop I-card being issue. It just smells of a conspiracy against the people of Kashmir,” DeM general secretary, Nahida Nasreen, said in a statement.

She said that the plan to issue it only for the people of Kashmir is what makes it a matter of grave concern. “ It was issued to residents of border areas but now they are planning to issue it to the people of Kashmir. It only means that they want to increase the surveillance in Kashmir and want to bring every Kashmiri under its surveillance net,” she added.

“Our phones are being tapped and also Indian occupational forces breach into our houses during nights and days. The privacy of Kashmiris has already been breached to extreme level and now, this new conspiracy of issuing these cards means that India actually wants to go beneath the skin of people here,” she added.

“It seems India wants to see how Kashmiris breathe. Nasreen further said that Kashmiris are an oppressed nation and whose rights have been snatched by India. “There are restrictions on breathing in Kashmir but now India, it seems, wants to further scrutinize the right to live of the people of Kashmir,” she added.

She said that such measures by India only expose the level of frustration it is going through. “ India actually knows that every Kashmiri wants freedom from Kashmir, that is why there is a plan to issue such a card to Kashmiris. Some people may, under pressure or for material gains, side with India but India is aware that every Kashmiri is against its illegal rule in Kashmir and thus, such conspiracies are being hatched every now and then,” she added.

She said that it was another tactic to suppress the people of Kashmir. “ It is actually a grave violation of human rights of Kashmiris. We will never tolerate this as it is a surveillance of extreme level.”

She said that people of Kashmir must understand how India was plotting against this nation only to strengthen its illegal occupation. “ But , InshaAllah, we will never allow to succeed in its nefarious plots and soon we will be free from the clutches of ugly Indian occupation,” she added.

Nasreen said that these are crucial times for the Kashmir movement and people must be ready for any kind of eventuality. “India will try to implement such schemes here but we must unanimously fight against such plots. We have done it past. Our unanimous resolve against Indian occupation is praiseworthy and we believe that unitedly we can fail this conspiracy as well.”

Meanwhile, Nasreen paid glowing tributes abdul Kabir Shiekh, father of Shaheed Abdul Hameed Shiekh, who passed away at his residence on Thursday.

“ Late Sheikh  Sahib wasn’t known only for being father of Shaheed Hameed Shiekh sahib but he himself has played a role in this movement against the Indian illegal occupation.”

She said that he played a great role as a freedom fighter and as a philanthropist. “ Whenever Kashmiris needed him, he was there to help them.

Nasreen said that the first office of DeM was at dandarkhah in 1986“ As the residence of Sheikh Sahib was nearby,  When the office was raided by occupational forces in 1987, this family was also targeted for having close ties with our organization,” she added.

So we share the grief of the family and pray Allah SWT bestows Sheikh Sahib and Sheikh Abdul Hameed Sahib with best of his blessings and highest rewards in Janatul Firdous.”