FCI 14 crores scam: Higher officials involved attempts to hush up case 


SRINAGAR: In a hefty scam pertains to misappropriation of rice and wheat stock at PEG ( Private Entrepreneur Guarantee)  store at Baramulla valued over 14 crores, sources said that the despite the cases has been taken up by the investigation agencies, the main culprits are still at large from the clutches of the inquiry.

Sources said that the high rank officials of the managerial level  are involved into the scam adding that the various parties that includes FCI employees as well as state machinery appears to be involved in this criminal misappropriation of FCI (Food Corporation of India) stock and forgery of documents.

Pertinently some 130 trucks are missing during the reconciliation from the records at the Lower Munda (Qazigund) which have been shown to have been acknowledged in the reconciliation statements.

According to the First Information report the genuineness of the stamp affixed on the challans of these 130 trucks were cross check with the specimen copy of stamp obtained on these challans that appears have been forged and misappropriated by the transport contractor inconvenience with FCI staff, stat government officials and owner of PEG Baramulla between dispatching deport of Bhogpur and Kartarpur under FCI district office Jalandhar and Lower Munda Check Post.

“Some top officers of FCI of the rank of managers are involved in this, which has been proved by officials’ documents and their delayed tactics to hide the facts,” sources in the department said.

Sources said that there are clear attempts to hush up the case by the FCI employees to save the skin of higher officials involved in scam. Adding that some of the lower rung officials were transferred by the department to cover up the inquiry initiated to unearth the main culprits.