Unscheduled power cuts aggravates Srinagar residents


SRINAGAR | NOV 27: The unscheduled power cuts have aggravated residents in Srinagar. Of late both metered and non-metered areas in Srinagar have been witnessing frequent electricity cuts putting the consumers to inconvenience.

The pesky power cuts is triggering resentment among various localities, who asked Power Development Department (PDD) to shot monthly bills only after supplying proper power to consumers.

“Even in the evenings, the electricity plays truant here. We have approached government several times to provide us normal supply, but rather than improving supply, it has deteriorated,” they said.

The students said that they couldn’t prepare for exams because of power cuts. “We can’t study properly as electricity plays hide and seek,” said Eemad, a student.

One of the resident from Rajbagh said that there are frequent cuts in power supply after almost every two to three hours and mostly there is complete black-out in the mornings and evenings.  We request government to make possible of light 24 hours

As a part of this grim scenario, the areas of  Jawahar Nagar, Mehjoor Nagar, Natipora, Raj Bagh and adjoining areas continue to spend their evening hours in darkness while even during the day time, pesky power cuts are witnessed frequently.

The power failures have been making matters worse for us. The power continues to play hide and seek and sometimes we didn’t receive supply for days together,” said a resident of Mehjoor Nagar. He added that govt always failed to provide 24 hours light in Kashmir if we have lot of water sources in valley

“There is no power schedule. Sometimes electricity comes for 5 to six hours a day; at times not at all. Winter season has just started in the valley and so have peoples’ miseries,” residents from Rajbagh area revealed. (PTK)