Kashmir-born Pakistani activist won N-Peace Award


SRINAGAR: Farhat Asif, a Kashmir-born Pakistani activist has won this year’s N-Peace Award given by UNDP Asia Pacific Regional Center (APRC) and Institute for Inclusive Security, USA.

She won the award in “Campaign for Action” category. Farhat Asif is the founder and president of Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies.

The N-Peace Award and Network supports the leadership and capacity of women and men to prevent and resolve conflicts, and serve as active agents for reconstruction and peace building across conflict-affected countries in Asia; Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Afghanistan and the Philippines.

The N-Peace Awards recognize and profile women leaders and peace builders. This award recognizes individuals who have worked at the policy and decision-making levels to advance the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Agenda, specifically at the sub-national levels.

“One woman and one man across all N-Peace countries are recognized under this award.  The Award Committee recognizes her efforts to implement the Women, Peace and Security agenda, especially on the work she undertakes touching on sensitive cross-border issues.”

“Farhat Asif has lived her entire life in this region affected by conflict. The conflict has heavily influenced her life and work, and inspired her to found the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies where she promotes peace and women’s rights through education,” a statement issued by the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies, Islamabad said about Farhat.

Besides academic research and training, Farhat focuses on playing a leading role in developing a multi-sectoral approach to further the WPS agenda as stated in the UN1325. “Through her efforts, she established Center for Women Peace and Security Pakistan,” it said.

At the Institute, Farhat has established Emerging Young Women Leaders Congress,  which provide support to the young women leaders with vision a platform to interact with the mentor women to develop projects on issues related to women peace and development, it said.

“Farhat has fifteen years of work experience in the social development sector.  Being a young woman belonging from a marginalized region of Kashmir, Farhat has fourteen years of experience of excellence working in academic, research and development sector as a researcher, analyst, writer, publisher, media planner and diplomatic relations professional,” the statement said.

Farhat is at present completing her PhD from School of Politics and International Relations, Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad with research focus on Public Diplomacy.

Farhat is federal member of Women Regional Network, Aman-o-Nisa: Pakistan Women’s Coalition against Extremism and is Pakistan’s representative of “Sisters against Violent Extremism (SAVE), a project by Women without Borders.

She has also been invited by Ambassador Swanee Hunt at the Institute for Inclusive Security as one of 12 influential Pakistani women leaders.