ARTO Kupwara conducts checking, over 10000 realized from violators


KUPWARA: Taking a strong cognizance against traffic violators Assistant Regional Transport Officer Kupwara Mukhtar Ahmad today conducted a check out of as many as 97 vehicles in and around Handwara town, out of which 27 vehicles were compounded and an amount of 10,000 rupees were realized from the drivers of different vehicles under different sections of motor vehicle act who were found violating traffic rules.

ARTO along with inspector Parwaiz Ahmad and other officials of transport department were conducting the check out of the vehicles. ARTO Kupwara Mukhtar Ahmad said that drivers are seen violating traffic rules on the roads of Kupwara due to which there are apprehensions of accidents.

 “Drivers should not take driving for-granted and risking the lives of passengers and their own. A driver drives vehicle with others lives and his own, he should show more responsibility while driving vehicle” said Mukhtar Ahmad.
 “Vehicle should also be maintained according to the rules and regulations of motor vehicle department. There should be a proper number plate, seat belt, avoiding mobile phones while driving” ARTO added.ARTO appealed to the general public and drivers to follow traffic rules for the safeguard of their lives.