Use Vaidyaa To Choose The Right Doctors At Your Doorstep


by: Srija Mukherjee

KOLKATA: Ask the managing director, Mrs. Nandini Basu Phookan how does she feel about her third child Vaidyaa and comes her reply, Vaidyaa means physician in Sanskrit. It was coined and formed by me in June 2015 as I wanted to remind people about our unmistakable Indian ethos and spirit of helping.

A company that provides a unique medical service in the form of an On Call Doctor Service (Doctor at Home) on a domestic level and Medical Tourism on a global level has its head office situated in Kolkata.

While redefining the definition of modern medicine Vaidyaa continues to support patients from other countries who are keen to travel to India for medical treatments, by providing them the appropriate cost and treatment options along with a concrete medical plan. It is currently working on capacity building measures and projects, and are also providing referral healthcare in India. Apart from this, Vaidyaa continues to work actively in Bangladesh, Zimbabwe,Iraq, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and Afghanistan.

At the domestic level, Vaidyaa’s vision is to provide inspirational health care in the convenience of home through doctor consultations for everyone in need of such a service.

The company does not cater to emergency responses, but directs one to the nearest hospitals or ambulances available. The company also covers post consultative actions such as blood tests, diagnostics and other support lines in the comfort of one’s own home.

Mrs. BasuPhookan further adds, “Vaidyaa was born out of a personal experience with medical challenges of our near and dear ones. We realised that a dialysis patient can need medical support at any time of the day, a small baby can fall sick at 2 am in the morning, and that people who are migrating to metros for better jobs, have no support in terms of finding a good doctor, and the only option sometimes is to crowd the OPDs of private hospitals. We thought a service like this would provide relief and convenience to so many.’’

Reportedly Vaidyaa has 15 hospital partners to support their international patient base and has 173 doctors empanelled with them as of 2017.

Talking about  the challenges in cementing the start of such a unique medical service providing company the CEO and founder Mr. Raja Joy Phookan states, “We have been travelling to various countries like Africa, Middle East, Bangladesh and others for our medical tourism section of the company, but the health care in India is very superior and we are very fortunate to have such great doctors and infrastructure and well equipped hospitals here. Because of these reasons we have been able to achieve a great deal of attention in various parts of the world. People are now traveling to India to avail the service of our doctors and hospitals and to be a part of this is a great feeling.”

The near about 8 solid members of team Vaidyaa share similar vision as far as growth of the company is concerned. Heading the operations department Mrs.Trishna Mukherjee quotes, ‘’After people came to know about Vaidyaa and the services it offers, a large number of people have enquired to know more about the organisation and many have taken the service and were fully satisfied. Many patients have posted testimonials on our FB page too.’’ Commenting on similar lines, the alliance head of Vaidyaa Mrs. Sibani Deb points out that at such a growing stage that Vaidyaa is in, it really needs heavy fundsto sustain and survive well. We are open to various investors who would wilfully invest in our promising company and also some new age concepts such as crowd funding.

The existence of Vaidyaa is giving the core team huge satisfaction repeatedly, one of the reasons being the clients calling and complimenting that they have been able to get good doctor services at home.

However, concluding this detailed interview the youngest team player, Payel Das happily shares that, “Our USP (unique selling proposition) has been the human touch to the service  for which we are appreciated everywhere. Also, our Doctor On Call service with so many doctors in the panel is a unique thing and many of the organisations who claim to provide such services, is also depending on us. This makes us more confident to face the market competition. One could also log on to for more inputs.”

Srija Mukherjee is Kolkata based Health columnist and contributor of Kashmir Patriot. She can be reached at : [email protected]