Monga slams Er Rasheed over his remarks; says GOI won’t be successful in dialogue


SRINAGAR:  Senior Congress Leader G. N Monga today slams Er Rasheed over his remark where he blames congress and BJP for forcing Joint Resistance leadership to reject the talk offer for resolution of Kashmir issue.

Monga told PTK Engineer Rashid should work on ground level adding that he speaks in dual nature adding his Raj Shumari (Plebiscite) has proven hallow. “I don’t agree with Er Rash. He is known for making controversial statement”, he said.

Monga told PTK that it is baseless allegation, adding that, “We are not in government neither we say anything against anyone”.  He said, “If Govt of India is sincere to resolve Kashmir issue and willing to talk with stake holders. They should to talk with all stake holders in Kashmir valley”.

Monga said that they (GOI) won’t be successful in the dialogue with all stake holders in the state adding that as the BJP is taking different tones. He said when Prime Minister Narendra Modi from delhi talks about peace in Kashmir, BJPS senior leader and deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh talks in opposite tone from Jammu.

He said that the BJP makes confusion among people of J&K. He said that Congress can’t force anyone for dialogue with BJP or any other.  “Let’s see what the interlocutors do”.  (PTK)