Cumbersome School Bags on debilitate Shoulders!

Cumbersome School Bags on debilitate Shoulders!


by : Peer Muzzaafar 

Does we decipher that carrying big school bags would prepare our children to confront big challenge in futurity ?

Due to disbanded 3G/4G internet service in my home town Bandipora due to some administrative guidelines, the GK Daily of September 11,  2017 went ascertainable to me though I managed it to read later, and  I saw a worth full and appeasing write-up of Badrul- Duja with broad highlighted banner as, Heavy school bags: know the reality”, with an attractive snap shot of school going kids with big bags on the debilitate  shoulders walking like abysmal achates with adiaphorism, sanssouci to the world and prevailed situations of our society.

The writer has successfully attempted to predispose the attention of every high and low associate of our society about the hazards and harmful effects of loaded big bags  on the physical lives of school going children. Thus finally appealed the authorities to reduce the weight of school bags with citation of Honb’le High Court direction. I could not find any argumental deficit there, but would like make accretion to the facts through other than physical.

To make little kids tiresome by load of big collection in their bags is not our love towards them but an unwanted torment in our stoniness. We may consider it as a erotic sign but their innocent  shoulders and their in-noxious heart beats won’t bang big to make notification, but their cravings appeal like the bees do so to the plant in beginning summer to unveil the buds for their apparatus. Our conniver or perception fails to make them responsible in future life as is depicted by the evident scenes of present day episodes.

Does we decipher that carrying big school bags would prepare our children to confront big challenge in futurity? In developed countries like Japan infants are taught manners before knowledge which they proceed  forward to the whole part of life and hence make them mannered and civilized humans. No exam is held up to the age of 10, they are set free in nature to learn without burden of preparation for exams, they are prepared to take choices, motivated to acquire knowledge in natural way. For example we force our children to memorize parts of plant, name of flowers etc, but they are provided with these things to play. Even we make wigging but they make them to smell flowers.

Their  syllabus for first three years after admission at four is  to gain good manners, development of character,  self control and justice. While as we lose control over our other family members especially spouse, when our children are not ready for school bus albeit hungry . Even very recently you might have seen a viral pic on school media, in which a little kid at most of age 5 was shown a chapatti in her paint pocket on morning assembly, could not have ate it due to over hastiness in the morning sleep ascendancy. Similarly in other developed countries, children are taught in early stages to respect culture, cleanliness and  to honor work of others while as our grownups has thrown our own culture and diluted  to others and never respect work of others which we can notice at least in every school were window panes are broken, Ceiling fans pulled down, electric wires bulged out and furniture impression with signatures, names unenjoyable calligraphy. Thus our children have little cognitive stimulation in crucial starting years of life and early deprivations shrinks kid’s potential for further progress in life. There is mathematically  a big digit and grand coverage of evidences that development in first few years of schooling in any respect and field or modus stage for later achievements.

Parental  materialistic rumination in particular and  social in general, guides  and compels us to overburden over kids regardless of his/her capability and capacity of sufferance. Our avarice has left viels on our eyes, turnoff our intellect and we want to see our kid as barrister in days, Judge in weeks and supreme head in months……….!

Let them play and give them a chance to nourish in nature freely for at least first six years without any home work, drill test, recitation or other catechize.

یہ مدرسہ یہ کھیل یہ غوغائے روادو

اس عیش فرادوں میں ہے ہر لخط غم نو

وہ علم نہیں زہر ہے حرار کے حق میں

جس علم کا حاصل ہے جہاں میں دوکف جو

This couplet of Dr Iqbal R. A, one must know, is a full description and analysis of materialistic nature and thought grown by system of prevailing education and education system of our modern education of our modern educational institutes,  where book are heavy, boards modern, buildings tall, teachers with high degrees but void of contents which could acknowledge humanism to receptive, and faraway from those pages which taught  with such simplicity that it could bring equanimity to hearts of lives, these pages are now ceased to  be visible in our bookcase. Right from beginning, by our deeds and action, we train our generations to become robots in the in the hands of materialistic  rat-race and turn their thinking to resemble s a ravenous beast who likes to eat dead ass alone.

For adults, school are now play fields or fenced parks of enjoyment and instruments of amusement. Their hearts find out abundant joye’ery moments but lifelong grief and naught prevail in their lives ahead which in fact is impossible to compensate. The reason for this loss and missing is misinterpretation of education and its values for human property and its inculcation in early stage where we impress more on regularity then on sincerity.

We miss and adorably passed lot of teachers, who were real natural bed rocks, who deserve heartily tribute for their hand and unconditional efforts to make our nation go forward. It is very difficult to trace out a small digit of such passed luminaries who remained unfollowed, who did not taught only lessons of book on black  boards but infused everlasting and ever shining  pages of humanity, discipline, conduct, God-fearing and responsible  towards our nation. I remember Syed Mohammad Syed (father of Present Minister of R&B  Mr Nayeem Akhter ) of my village who wept for days long when a local landlord abused him for admitting local poor kids in his primary school, as the land was noting shortage of laborers in his paddy fields and orchads. Landlord once told him harshly “ Agar che am shure parnavahak te be kati chandakh mazoor ” mean that  “ if you are going to teach these  kids, then where can I arrange labourers”. He wept for days, but he stood impetuosity, hired a person along with a large drum (Dhool) slunged it and gathered poor people of hilly areas ( Gojer Patti). Then motivated them to stand for acquiring education with his unique way of rogation.

Kashmiri people when noticed that these people had been willing to schooling their children, the also got stimulated and rushed towards Syed Sahab for admission of their wards.Thus was school environment and school education introduced in the area. Syed Sahab  had framed a “ Sallat Committee” in his school consisting of number of students, who would make attendance of children in local Masjid at Zohar Prayer time, discipline Committee who would look after conduct and behavior of students in school and in fact a vigilance committee who would keep vigilant eye on the wandering students after 4 PM thus inculcated a sense of social responsibility among the students. But Alas! We bothered upon only  ontime presence and departure of students, but never bothered their presence in Masjid and departure from evil deeds. Parents too train their wards to earn bread but never taught them what is the “need of life”, even a loving mother tells an innocent kid, “ Beta So Ja Kal Sawairay School  Jana Hai”. But  never taught him/her, “Beta Sone ki dua Pad Kal Sawaray Quran Padnay Jana Hai”. That is why they lean for rig and edacious. It worked as hasp for an allodial and under slapped spirit of freedom and positive free thinking. Our education system brought the ways to fill abdominal but voided the luminous hearts from respect for humanity, it compelled us to keep our body clean but turbid our soul, made us unskilled to preserve humanity.

“Our prime focus rested on imparting text book Information

 to the students. Which lack appeal  and the books are not

 framed in  consonance with The culture and heritage. Our books

 lake the Content which infuse religious and moral  values.

 Our class room teaching has not yielded the good humans but

rouge   literates. Which later on are found in wrong doings and mischief”.

These  lacunas ( though not all) in student’s lifelong drill has resulted in serious issues and problems that is why young girls let their braid pendulous openly without veil, impoison maximum female folk of our society for austere dress code and they compromise with indecent fittings, exhort teenagers to go for bike stunts on roads in stormy speed in lieu of their lives………

No foreign conspiracy but we know the disease and its remedy too, but demand the expect recuperation from others.  Do you believe?

Peer Muzzaffar is Lecturer Mathematics at Bandipore and can be reached at 

(This is a personal blog and the views expressed above are the author’s own. Kashmir Patriot neither endorses nor is responsible for the same.)

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