Sir Syed Ahmad : An unfollowed luminary

Sir Syed Ahmad : An unfollowed luminary


by : Peer Muzzaffar

A few hours before i just as usual, opened facebook where i found a short but worth write-up of a well-known and my beloved teacher of my college days Mr. Mohammad Amin Malik regarding sir Syed Ahmad Khan where he has technically crafted, taken every conciseness and acuteness into use to describe the philosophy behind the desires of “Man of Mission and Vision” in a few lucid number of words.

He made crystallization that Sir Syed demanded from a Muslim to put Quran and Hadees on Head, with philosophy and science-technology in right and left hand respectively. one may not have heard or read it from common presentations that instead of referring sir Syed of being influenced by western thoughts of many greats of West, he was mostly influenced by great Islamic scientists.

He was influenced by Sallah.ud.din Ayoobi (r.a)-a great Islamic scholar, administrator and warrior great Islamic jurist Khalid bin waleed (r.a.t)who won hundred battles, ibn seena (r.a)-an Islamic philosopher and a great contributor to medical science, Al Battani-a great mathematician who improved existing values for length of seasons and year,  Ibn Qurra-founder of statics and first reformer of the Ptolemaic system.

Similarly Jabbir ibn hayan, Mohammad ibn musa Al kharizmi (founder of Algorithms which are now used in computer programming) and many others who also remained as great Islamic jurists of time have greatly influenced the life of Sir Syed Ahmad khan. But sir Syed could not find out reformative intellect who could shield Muslims of subcontinent from spoiling and threatening future by rigidity of their orthodox outlook and weak perception. This prognosis made the horizon of his visionary outlook more vibrant and extended.

He advocated for Urdu language as common language because he knew maximum Islamic literature is in Urdu after Arabic & Persian. But accentually i want to accord these three demands (described Mr. Amin sb.)Mutually by elaborating last thing “Quran on head”. Why he cruised the hard and scummy challenges to put “Quran on head”. Because whenever a challenge you may confront which may hurt or hurdle your ultimate faith then throw the things of hands and hold firmly the upper one of head .His intellect was fully aware of the his philosophical flows, thus designed it to put it on head.

But we have, to some extent, hold our hands tight but threw the ultimate guide. Do people only with big degrees and highly scientific bethought and technological gripping aptitude make us eligible to rule the world….Not at all? I don’t and can’t prejudice the collective faults of our failure but when a filiation’s breaks and children become enemies of their own parents, when literate Muslim youth atheistically apparent in front of their parents after them return from universities/colleges.

When their own hands aperture the sailing boat of modesty, when literate people encourage usury, when Muslim girls become evildoers even in lawns of their colleges, when adultery become passion, when marks for dice are opened by literate people. When every ear becomes addict of adulterous music. Even i have seen a science postgraduate who once told me that the story about Angles (firishtay) is all myth and fake (Alas!)………we can say western twist to education yet only filled our abdominal but out rooted the pain for humanity and reality, it has made us robbots in the hands of materialistic retrace.

Thus think, we could not let the dream of sir syed to come true EVEN partially. At present we have created people of national and international standards in both parts of the then subcontinent but not a single one who simultaneously is an Islamic jurist.

Till date, due to our betrayal to sir syed, we could not create a single scientist who can stand parallel to jabir bin hayam or Algazzali r.a. or alike tariq bin ziyaad r.a. i have seen a number of teachers(Aligarians) gathering in pratap park to celebrate Sir syed day by sharing meals and puffing cigarettes even demand cigarettes from their students, some posing at Gulmarg with caption of sir syed day to upload on facebook, But never visualize to follow his vision for sake of Muslim nation and muslim world. Does celebrating Sir Syed day limits only to meals or Darbaar with hamdam.e.deareena? OR do we need to think beneath the deep wounds?

Peer Muzzaffar is a Mathematics teacher. He can be reached at

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