Govt losing remaining little trust among people: Nasir Aslam


SRINAGAR: NC Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani while talking to PTK said that government has completely failed to nab the elements involved in braid chopping, losing the remained little bit trust among the people “Braid-chopping must end immediately, the fear it has created among Kashmiris must come to an end so that Kashmiri women continue their daily chores with absolute freedom”, he added.

He further said that the situation in Kashmir is deteriorating very fast with every passing day; such incidents are increasing day by day instead of decreasing. The fear psychosis has engulfed the whole valley. Our mothers and sisters now fear to move out and have confined themselves within the four walls of their homes.

“It is surprising that despite of having all means of information available, the government seems helpless and failed to put an end to such senseless violence against our women folk”, he added.

He added that a considerable amount of locals accuse intelligence agencies for these incidents in the Valley. He castigated those elements who according to him are trying to give braid chopping incidents hysteria color.

He said that police and public should work together to find out the culprits and there should a mutual cooperation between them to deal such elements in the society creating fear psychosis among the people. “Also government needs to respond why they are failing to arrest even a single such element so far as these cases are going on a rapid pace in every corner of the valley”, he said.