Rapid increase in braid chopping incidents raises question mark on Govt:  Shamima Firdous


SRINAGAR  : National Conference leader and MLA Habba Kadal Shamima Firdous said that braid chopping has become a topic discussed everywhere whether home, school, market, Masjid or any other public places, resulting in a serious challenged for government to control the these incidents rapid pace in the valley.

While Talking to Press Trust of Kashmir, she said the rapid increase of braid chopping incidents puts a big question mark on government and law governing bodies in the state.

She said, “We hold protest rally from Nawaisubh to main road TRC ground against increase braid chopping incidents in Kashmir and asked government to resign if they are not capable to perform their duties effectively”.

She Condemned the growing incidents of mysterious braid chopping in Kashmir, termed the attack on ‘women dignity’ as unacceptable. She urged Jammu and Kashmir Police to nab the real culprits at the earliest.

She further said that it is surprising why Police has so far miserably failed to trace the real culprits involved in mysterious braid chopping, which is very shocking and alarming.

“The first and foremost duty of government is provide safety to its people which government is completely failing to provide as such incidents are a matter of concern for all but the government is failing to check such shameful acts”, She said.

“Braid chopping incidents created panic among the local populace, at a time when harvesting season is in full swing, the terror can be imagined by this that our sisters, daughters and mothers are feeling insecure and unsafe even in the home”, she said.

She added that through these incidents, people can’t be get deviated from the basic issue which Kashmir issue is adding that the Centre and State governments should realize that.

She said through pellets, bullets, braid chopping, and arrests of youth they cannot win the hearts of people or crush them instead they should take tangible measures to solve this Issue permanently. “It is a volcano in making that can give birth to a mass destruction in South Asia”, she added.