Five years on; construction of oil testing lab remains incomplete in Ganderbal


GANDERBAL : The construction of soil testing lab stared five years ago continues to remain incomplete allegedly due to the irresponsible attitude of agriculture department in Wayil area of Ganderbal district.

Local farmers told PTK that the soil testing lab which aimed to benefit the farmers in the said area remains incomplete for years together raises a serious question mark on the competency of concerned authorities responsible.

The farmers said that this soil testing lab under constructed lacks doors and windows, no electric fitting, bad water facilities etc, which surprises them adding that why agriculture department is deliberately delaying its completion.

“We were assured to provide great benefits from this lab when it was started to get construct, Five years passed but we didn’t get even a single benefit, only fake assurances by Agriculture department”, said a local resident.

Secretary Agriculture, Showket Ahmad Beigh told PTK that, “We have taken up the issue in our notice, will see the ways to get it final shaped, we will allow money for its improvement in facilities like electric fitting, Water, and basic infrastructure”.

“Soon this lab will get active and ready for processing to avail benefits to the farmers in the said area”, he added. Residents demand completion of the construction as soon as possible to avail services.