Hayan, palpora village faces scarcity of water in Kangan


KANGAN: Hayan palpora Kangan faces a severe scarcity of water from last 15 days. Local residents said that we have approached many times to concern authorities but they showed a deaf ear all the time.

There are four government schools in the said area which also face acute water problem. The students face problems of drinking water, hand washing etc but nobody is taking care of solving this problem.

Ab Rashid, a local resident said “There is extreme scarcity of water in our village. Residents do not get water even for last 15 days.

We drink water which is for irrigation purpose. It is contaminated; sometimes worms can be seen with bare eyes”.

“The authorities do not take any concrete step to ensure proper supply of water, though we have given many complaints.  We have good water resource in our adjoining areas from where govt. can provide us regular water supply but they deliberately let this problem unsolved”, said another resident.

“Our women have to go very far to get the drinking water which is very unfortunate that too at the time when braid chopping has spread a great threat in the valley and everyone is getting afraid off going alone, creates big problems for our women”,  said a local resident.

Another village Gujjarpati Nanhama is facing the same problem from last six months despite a knock on regular basis they are unable to pay any heed from the concerned department.

They request government to provide better water facilities and help the people to overcome from this problem once for all.