Government has no right to stay in power anymore: MLA Khansahib over braid chopping


SRINGAR: Expressing serious concern over the rapidly growing incidents of braid chopping in various parts of the Valley, especially in south Kashmir, Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) President and MLA Khansahib Hakim Mohammad Yasin said that Government is completely failing in controlling the braid chopping incidents.

He told PTK  that government has no right to stay in power anymore adding such type of incidents not only terrified the people but puts a big question mark over the way government is handling the situation and coming out with lame excuses every day.

“It is now enough to give fake assurances to general public, practical action is what situation in the valley demands at present whosoever is being responsible should be put behind the bars without any further delay otherwise the situation may go bad to worse in near future. Government needs to investigate the issue and answer to the people who these braid choppers are,” he demanded.

“Indo-Pak leadership should hold a meaningful and time bound dialogue to resolve all the issues including Kashmir.  He further said dialogue process is the only way to solve all issues between the two, he said that China and India have resolve its issues peacefully in the same India and Pakistan can also have a chance to resolve all issues peacefully,” he added”.

The government should release that tis getting worse by the hour so they should come strict against those who are behind this shameful and cowardly act to gain the public faith back or it will be too late as these acts grow more, he added.