Er. Rasheed wrote letter to Speaker J&K Assembly; Asks him to probe allegations of funding


SRINAGAR:  MLA Langate Er Rasheed today wrote a letter to Speaker J&K Assembly, asking to probe allegations of funding from Pakistan against him.

In a statement Rasheed said that he wrote, “Your good self being custodian of my rights as an elected member of legislative assembly, I need to draw your attention towards the fact that recently, Times Now a TV program broadcast nationwide, has made a preposterous allegation that I am an agent of Pakistan and have been receiving money from that country for creating huge properties for myself, carrying out anti-national activities and helping violence in Jammu & Kashmir”.

He said, “I would like you, as the custodian of my rights, to take cognizance of these allegations that are aimed at destroying my character and image.  Such shows which are not based on facts can be labeled as criminal, unethical and politically motivated. My activities as an elected representative of Jammu & Kashmir assembly are an open book and if the TV show on Times Now claims that they have the evidence from NIA, then the proper way for proceeding with any action against me should be directly from the investigating agencies through a proper system”.

He wrote in a letter, “The TV media has no role in investigating or making allegations against me. One wonders how come any TV channel or a journalist should get access to any investigation even before it has been carried out. I will humbly like to submit without any iota of doubt in my mind that I have done nothing wrong except trying to represent the sentiments and aspirations of people of my constituency and my state, the way they deserve to be represented”.

Er Rasheed said, “People have a right to reject my views and differ with them but if someone simply tries to shut my mouth by indulging in false propaganda and leveling criminal allegations, it is not only insult to the institution of Assembly but amounts to disgracing the self respect and mandate of people whom I represent. Building opinions in the interest of peace and justice should be the core agenda of media groups instead of running shows on TV which are not based on facts and serve the war agenda to fuel more trouble especially with the situation in Kashmir. Sir, I voluntarily as a law abiding citizen offer myself including my every family member for any investigation to see if I have managed any disproportionate asset or have got hidden properties anywhere within the state or outside  in any form”.

He said, “If found guilty of having made illegal property even to the tune of few hundred bucks I offer voluntarily give up politics for ever. Your good self is requested to kindly get the matter probed in length and breadth through State Accountability Commission, Crime Branch or Vigilance organization of the state and also take up the matter with the NIA, so that my self-respect and that of my people whom I represent is restored”