‘Agenda of Alliance’ dumped 


    As PDP’s ‘battle of ideas’ succumb, BJP inching towards its goal 

     MIR IQBAL | iqbal.mir26@gmail.com

    SRINAGAR: Rather than surrendering the state’s special status to New Delhi led by right wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti should revisit her plans not only to restore faith, but also safeguard the special status state.

    Since its formation in 1999, PDP was considered pro- people party in Kashmir and played a vital role in bringing much needed relief to general public with its soft- separatist policies. It also worked to unite all the three regions of state and generated a ray of hope among the Muslims of Pir Panjal and Chenab regions.

    However, the same PDP headed by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, who worked painstakingly to gain the confidence of people in his previous alliance with Congress- lost it the day it entered into an alliance with the Hindu nationalist- BJP to form the government in the state.

    Being a Hindu nationalist party backed by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), BJP would have never been accepted by the people of Kashmir and will never be- till it changes its policy towards Muslims, had Mufti not made them party to the coalition government.

    And, with the death of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, Mehbooba Mufti got an opportunity to change the political scenario of this trouble torn Himalayan state, which could in long run not only shape the contours of Jammu and Kashmir, but would lead to relatively peaceful atmosphere in all the three regions of the state and more importantly- revive the confidence of people on People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

    Not only general public, politicians, political analysts, thinkers and even PDP senior leader and former Member Parliament, Tariq Hamid Qarra has openly criticised the party for allying with the BJP, but the genuine voice was muzzled and many among them were cornered.

    Although, Mufti was repeatedly saying that PDP believes in the “battle of ideas”, but forget the people’s choice as “battle of conscience”- which was possible only to keep BJP at bay.

    Political commentators believe that that Mufti being a seasoned politician having more than six- decades of political career and association with New Delhi was disappointed with later’s attitude towards his aspirations and demands. “Mehbooba Mufti should revisit her association with BJP and think according about her future alliance with it. As she is the one, who was in touch with common people in Kashmir and knows their miseries and atrocities committed over them. So, she has to give a thought to it whether her alliance with BJP will relieve common people of their miseries”. Adding it would decide the future prospects of the PDP in the state.

    Since PDP entered into an alliance with BJP no issue has been sorted out by BJP in Kashmir. “BJP didn’t respect the ‘Agenda of Alliance’, they worked what suited them, this is the right time for Mehbooba and PDP either to ensure implementation of this ‘Agenda of Alliance’ or think otherwise.

    BJP’s attack on Kashmir’s special status and other sensitive issues in last year’s:

    Attack on Article 370

    Scrapping Article 370 and instituting a uniform civil code topped the list.

    The BJP leaders repeatedly said that the party would scrap Article 370 of the Constitution under which Jammu & Kashmir is enjoying autonomy, ban religious conversions and cow slaughter and bring back the Uniform Civil Code.

    Challenge Article 35A

    BJP and the RSS are sure to challenge Article 35A of Constitution, which, it claims, allows the state of Jammu and Kashmir to grant special privileges and rights to permanent residents but denies rights to several others who too have genuine claims.

    And a writ petition was filed by an RSS-backed NGO, JK Study Centre, in the Supreme Court, seeking scrapping of the Article.

    Senior BJP leader Advocate Sunil Sethi, represented the petitioner who is a member of the party’s youth wing.

    Capital Punishment for Cow Slaughtering

    BJP MLA Friday submitted a resolution in the legislative assembly demanding capital punishment for those found slaughtering the bovine animal in the state.

    BJP MLA from Nawshere assembly constituency Ravinder Raina had submitted a resolution in the assembly in which he has asked for a complete ban on cow slaughter and sale of beef as per the directions passed by the High Court.

    Muslims Population Control

    BJP MP from Gorakhpur, Mahant Adityanath (formerly Yogi Adityanath) ran a poll on his website on whether or not the Modi government should come out with a policy to control the population of Muslims in the country.

    Hindu CM for Muslim Majority of JK

    BJP wants to rule Kashmir – with Hindu chief minister and they have been preparing hard to ensure the same in upcoming elections.

    J&K Flag Row

    BJP does not like to hoist J&K flag with India’s National flag.

    Separate Township for Hindus

    Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) government plans to resettle tens of thousands of Hindus in three new townships in Muslim-dominated Kashmir.

    Application of GST in JK

    PDP regime has irreparably damaged Jammu and Kashmir’s autonomy and economy by adopting and implementing Goods and Services Tax. Contrary to the PDP claims, the application of GST surrendered J&K’s political, economic and administrative powers to New Delhi.

    Attack on Section 5 of J&K Constitution

    Though, PDP claims that Section 5 of J&K Constitution remained unchanged, but the fact is the state can still make laws under Section 5 of J&K Constitution, but not related to taxation.

    Mir Iqbal is a Srinagar based budding Journalist with diverse experience of reporting Kashmir affairs.