New Delhi, their henchmen in state carrying systematic genocide: Geelani


    SRINAGAR: Syed Ali Geelani Wednesday strongly condemned the killing of Handwara youth, Shahid Bashir by occupational forces and said that despite authority’s rhetoric about their concern for youth community, New Delhi and their henchmen in state are carrying systematic genocide under well thought out plan.

    Geelani ridiculed authorities for their tall claims of providing ‘’pen and computers to students’’ & said that it is just a political gimmick and added that same authorities declared killing of 12th class student Shahid Bashir as ‘’marvelous achievement’’ for their forces.

    Syed Ali Geelani while referring to thrashing incident in Degree College Islamabad and search operations in Sub-Jail Baramulla said that, on mere pretext our youth are subjected to humiliation, inhuman assault and beaten to pulp.

    Lashing at New Delhi authorities, Syed Ali Geelani added that they are engaging their coercive and arbitrary measures to cow down our spirits, thus aiming at to create grave yard like silence in state.

    Referring to statement of army General Huda, Syed Ali Geelani said, that it serves an eye -opener for Delhi, substantiates our claim and carries a message that arbitrary and coercive measures are no solution to Kashmir conflict.

    “We will never budge from our stand”, said Syed Ali Geelani and hailing the resolve and resilience of people, added that no power on earth can deter us from pursuing our cherished mission for right to self-determination.

    Rejecting any solution of Kashmir issue within ambit of Indian constitution, Syed Ali Geelani said that   authorities in Delhi had approached and invoked UNO for the settlement of Kashmir issue.

    He was referring to statement of Sushma Suraj, wherein she had said that Kashmir issue can be sorted out within frame work of Indian constitution, however Syed Ali Geelani while rejecting the statement, said it is far from reality and delivered from the mighty pedestal of arrogance.

    He added that for the lasting solution of Jammu and Kashmir dispute, the New Delhi must shun state violence and uphold International law, respect and adhere UN charter and especially the UN resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir.

    “By fulfilling its promises and obligations towards the people of Jammu & Kashmir, we understand the universal principle of Right to Self Determination is the only road through which peace can be achieved in Jammu and Kashmir”, he said.