Parents, civil society aghast over plight of SDH Sopore, slams doctors attempt to sabotage serious grievance  


    People running fictitious DAK involved in fake drugs: Dr Nisar-Ul-Hassan

    SRINAGAR: Anguished over the statement issued to press by some doctors claiming members of Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) (Led by Dr G.M. Mir) in response to a news report published by Tameel Irshad and Kashmir Age print and online edition regarding callous, negligent attitude of pediatricians at Sub District Hospital in Sopore, parents of affected infants said these doctors sans shame by saying allegations are bundle of lies.

    Father of the one infant who remained unattended in the hospital for four days, resulted in deteriorating health said, “These doctors blindly issued a statement without knowing the facts from victims. This proves how ethical they are. They tried to sabotage a serious public grievance where life is involved”.

    The DAK claiming association in its statement terms the news report lie and figment of imagination by the reporter to tarnish the image of accused doctors. “I am a father. How come my grievance is an attempt to tarnish the image of doctor? I wonder these doctors making association, playing politics over dead and alive infants. It is an official matter to find where fault lies in the health care of hospital”, he said.

    He said that the statement of some self claiming DAK members is a clear attempt to silence people’s grievances. “I have never seen any statement by any sincere government official which refutes a grievance without looking into it. By this they are proving that they are businessmen not doctors who try tooth and nail to suppress, confuse people. On 11th August it was a baby from Watlab who died at the hands of so called saviors, the next day it was mine who had serious health condition, tomorrow it can be one of theirs”, the distressed father said.

    The DAK claiming association further said that they visited the hospital to find the facts and gives clean chit to the accused doctors without having any authority to do so. However when this correspondent approaches the victims whose newborn either died in the hospital including those whose newborn health condition deteriorates at the SDH Sopore due to no availability of doctors, they said none of the doctors sought any information from them. “It is very unfortunate they are taking life easy. My baby was born few days ago at SDH Sopore where from the baby was referred to District hospital Baramulla without oxygen”, said a father of infant outside the neonates ward in DH Baramulla.

    Meanwhile Civil Society Sopore in a statement to media said the infant died due to alleged negligence of doctors in the hospital. The Civil Society members appealed Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to intervene and take action against the doctor involved in the death of the newborn.

    The members held a protest against the poor health facility in sub-district hospital and mother and child hospital Sopore.“It is an irony that nine years after SDH was shifted from its old building to new one, the hospital is devoid of sufficient staff and is ill equipped,” said Muhammad Akbar.

    He said labour room and theatre of MCH hospital also shifted to one of the new building at SDH Sopore crave for infrastructure.  The statement adds that on August 11, a neonate died as the pediatrician was not available in the hospital. “On August 12, another neonate was not seen by the pediatrician for two days as a result the condition of the newborn worsened and parents were forced to take the baby to Baramulla hospital”, it adds.

    “Every day patients suffer and even die because doctors particularly specialists are not available in the hospital,” they said adding during emergency hours no specialist doctor is available and all patients are referred to Srinagar who either die in transit or reach hospitals in morbid condition.

    When contacted President Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) Dr Nisar–Ul-Hassan to seek authenticity of the association claiming to be DAK, he said these few people were with him, latter he ousted them out from the association as he found their involvement in fake drug scam. “They are people taking free-bees. There is case registered against some of them in the spurious drug scam. They are people who are posted at place of their choice”, he said.

    Dr Nisar said that the registered DAK is led by him. “I will file an FIR against these people. I will also move to court against them for misusing the name”, he said. He said they have no right to issue statement against the public grievance adding that they are stigma to the medical profession.

    DR Nisar said the association is their cover-up for the convenience of their own adding that they pay money to manage their interests in the directorate.  “This is fictitious association. The only DAK that is registered is headed by Dr Nisar-Ul-Hassan”, he said. He adds there are many doctors enjoying patronage, hence rendering poor people to suffer.

    DAK President said that this is moral responsibility of Paediatrician to see every child. ‘He should be their when a baby is being delivered. He (Dr Suhail Naikoo, paediatrict at SDH Sopore) does not stay there. He is posted for patients. What is fun of him to be posted there, if he does not take care of patients”, he adds.

    He said, Dr Suhail was not there in the hospital when an infant dies on August 11th this month adding that he stays at his clinic most of time. He adds same case of negligence took place in case of Watlab infant.  “How many people will be dying like animals in this situation? I will continue to fight against wrong”, he adds.

    Dr Nisar also reacted on the media for promoting people who against their own people of the state. “Media carrying statements which are against public concerns. They should not carry whosoever it is, if it is killing a public issue. Media should support the public cause raised by their own colleagues. If doctor turns unethical, he affects a patient, but if media turns unethical, it affects whole community. They should have come heavy on these people who are making people suffer in the hospitals”, he adds.